Player 7
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Player 7

Player 7

플레이어 (2019)

Genres: Comedy
Actors: Kim Soo Yong, Lee Soo Geun, Lee Yong Jin, Lee Yi Kyung, Lee Jin Ho, Kim Dong Hyun, Hwang Je Sung, Jung Hyuk, Jang Dong Min, Lee Sung Jong, Seo Yoo Ri, Kim Yeon Woo, Shin Dong, BewhY, Hwanhee, Kim Tae Woo, Ailee, Park So Hyun, Henry Lau, Im Ho, Lee Seung Yoon, Hong Yoon Hwa, Song Hae Na, Ahn Sol Bin, Kim So Hye, Ji Sang Ryeol, Oh Young Shil, Park Mi Sun, Shin Ji, Lee Soo Ji, Oh Ha Young, Park Soo Bin, Park Seul Ki, Lee Sung Kyung, Ravi, Kim Jong Min, John Park, Sean, Yang Dong Geun, DinDin, Eunha, Jang Yoon Ju, Yoo Byung Jae, Kim Ji Min, Yoon Chae Kyung, Park Cho Rong, Park Jae Jung, Hong Jin Ho, Nam Chang Hee, Hoshi, Boo Seung Kwan, Dino, Wonwoo, Jun, S.Coups, DK
Directors: Unknown
Networks: tvN
Also Known As: Player,Peulleieo,Try Not to Laugh
Duration: 75 min. per ep
Types: Kshow
Countries: Korean
Released: 2019
Episode: Ep 21 / 40
“Player” is a program where people have to hold in their laughter while carrying out their individual duties in situations where they’re not allowed to laugh. If they fail to hold back their laughter, water will come out of a special-made device and flow to their faces, and their respective appearance fees will be deducted by a certain amount. Only those who escape the laughter trap can avoid penalties and deduction of Add Synopsis In Portuguese fees.
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